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I know that putting this on a cosplay page is a weird thing. But, really, I hardly feel safe anywhere else. My personal blog is watched by my family, and I certainly wasn’t going to put in on my roleplay blogs.

Anyways, my mom and I got into a huge fight today. One that left me crying on the way to work, and blaring ‘God Help the Outcasts’ multiple times on my iPod (I cope with music…sorry not sorry.) Let me start off by saying this: My mother is the most amazing woman you could ever know. She’s very loving and caring. She supports me in cosplay one hundred percent and is just….she’s wonderful. Let me also give you some brief background on her. Her brother passed away from AIDS when I was just a baby. She tried seven years to have me and was told she could never have children - I am an IVF baby, one of the first thousand in America, and truly a miracle child. And she was raised incredibly, incredibly Catholic. 

Because of this, we butt heads a lot on something that is very important to me. THIS. Let me give you some background on ME now. Ever since sixth grade, I’d realized I was crushing on both boys AND girls. In seventh grade, I had my first girlfriend, but I kept it secret because I knew my mom wouldn’t approve. NOT BECAUSE SHE DOESNT LIKE HOMOSEXUALITY. No, my family is VERY gay rights. But anyways. Around the same time, I questioned myself as a person. I was never very open with it, but I knew something was up. I didn’t like pretty dresses or wearing make-up or shopping or doing my hair like ‘normal girls.’ In fact, I felt like things that ‘normal girls’ did were pretty dumb and boring. And I found myself often wishing that I had a penis. For a lot of reasons. I dreamed about it. I thought about it. And I started considering a sex change.

Then I realized that, yes, sometimes I like to wear a dress every now and then or doll myself up. Sometimes I like to be the Disney Princess. For a good chunk of my life, I’d considered myself transgender, but I didn’t tell anyone, because I thought….no, this must be a phase. I must be confused. Especially since there was the whole ‘If I was really a boy, would I honestly be okay with wearing skirts?’ thing. About a year ago, the term genderfluid was brought to my attention. And it hit me like a bullet - that’s me. That’s what I am.

I’ve never liked labels. I don’t consider myself all black or all white, just one big shade of grey. Sometimes I like to dress more manly. Sometimes I like to put on lots of make-up. I consider myself more male than female, but that is hardly the point. I’m on a spectrum. I see myself as whoever I am most comfortable seeing myself as. My mom, however, is not fond of this. My mom says things like, “Do you think you look like a boy? Because you don’t.” And things like, “I raised you, don’t you think I’d know if you were really the wrong gender?”

These things hurt. These things break me. I cut my hair to look more androgynous so I can swing ‘either way’ so to speak, and I love it. I love me. I’m more confident in me than I ever have been. But my mom is my best friend. My best friend, who comes from a religious background that frowns upon this stuff. From a generation that had never heard of anyone being ‘genderfluid’ or ‘genderqueer.’ I don’t blame her for her thoughts because I UNDERSTAND THEM. Nowadays it seems like being ‘gender fluid is the new trend.’ She thinks cosplaying triggered this. I’ve been thinking this way since before I cosplayed. And really, I just want her to accept me and love me fully for who I am. Isn’t that what any child wants?

So if you think that we should be loved for WHO WE ARE AS PEOPLE not the BODIES WE WERE GIVEN, reblog this. I want all transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, well hell I want EVERYONE OUT THERE to know that they are perfect and loved and there is nothing wrong with being YOU. And then maybe my mom can see that there’s a lot more support for these sort of things than hate.

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Rocket is the heart of the movie in a lot of ways. - James Gunn,



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